Let’s Talk! M.I Abaga Blasts Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce In New Song, Asked Them “To Fix Up Their Lives”

Whether anybody likes it or not, M.I‘s new song, “You Rappers Fix Up Your Life” is an obvious shade directed at successful rappers who are currently reaping the fruit of their versatility as good singers.

Seriously, I don’t know why the self acclaimed Chairman M.I Abaga has decided to revive is own drowning music career with what looks more like a Diss Track which I believe is aimed at Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno and Other versatile Nigerian rappers.

M.I Abaga is seriously going the way ofEedris Abdul Kareem and it will make no sense if top notch Rappers like Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce and others ever replies him.

Other upcoming Rappers are currently roasting him with a Reply Diss Track, Guess that’s the kind of Cheap Fame is looking for to Revive his troubled music career.

I call them versatile rappers because of their ability to also excel as a singer. Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno hit the limelight with nothing but hardcore rap appreciated by many music lovers. The fact that they decided to commercially take over the music industry with more of groovy dance tracks does not make them useless rappers with no life just as M.I has claimed.

In the Second Verse Of M.I’s song, he said:-

“Rappers are singing now, just to get popular (yack !)

I just be watching, like I’m at the opera, I should have brought my binoculars”


Hey bro!! Before they dived into singing, these rappers are already popular. They are just giving the street what they want and that’s why these guys are versatile.

Like Wale Turner said on his “NO” track, “I dey rap, I dey sing, that’s versatility”

Sincerely, I think M.I should thank God thatOlamide, Reminisce and Phyno have decided to leave the rap game for now, he can at least use this opportunity to revive his dieing career.

Apparently, his career could not even compete with any of them back then when they (Olamide, Reminisce and Phyno) still do all time rap.


Everyone has a choice to be loved or to be free. This Rappers have their lives to live, you can diversify also bro


Where was M.I when Olamide was giving other rappers a run with tracks like, “Rapsodi, Young Erikina, Eyan Maywhether, Sitting On Throne, Who You Epp and lots more.


Reminisce also ruled the street with dope rap tracks like Local rappers,Asalamalekun, Skilashi, Government, 2mussh and a whole lot of cypher collaborations.


Phyno emerged king of the East not as a singer, but as an artiste dropping dope bars back to back for the culture with tracks likeAlobam, Best Rapper, Ezege, Authe among others.


Meanwhile, anyone who knows Mr. M.I Abaga should let him know that this is the perfect time for him to Fix Up His Own Career Life As A Rapper.

If Olamide, Reminisce and Phyno should come back to full-time rap today, I can bet he will lose the little recognition he’s currently enjoying.

Anyway, M.I called the entire song “a calling to check with the troops” but I think the self-acclaimed General would have done better by lifting the spirit of the new rap recruits and the fast-rising ones instead of blasting the warriors that have already conquered the rap game.


On a final note, considering M.I‘s claim thatSouth African rappers have taken over, well, he should have considered doing a collaboration with Vector rather thanvictimizing our street certified rappers and singers 

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