Ekiti Residents Shun Fayemi’s Orders Against Corona Virus

Residents of Ekiti state are still not complying with the directives by governor Kayode Fayemi as part of precautionary measures against the spread of corona virus.
Dr Fayemi on Friday during a state broadcast prohibited public gathering beyond twenty persons, closure of all public private schools from primary school to tertiary level.
He also directed that all non-essential services workers in private and public sectors should start working from home from Monday 23rd March 2020.
Fayemi said ” No overloading of passengers in public transportation, Commercial vehicles must ensure only one person is sitting in the front seat with the driver and not more than 3 passengers on a row in the backseat. Motorcyclists (Okadas) must carry only one passenger each to minimize close contact as much as possible.
“Market men and women must practice hand washing under running water with liquid soap at least 6 times a day in their stalls.This is to minimize the transfer of virus picked up in the process of buying and selling.
“Citizens visiting markets must ensure they wash their hands with soap under running water as soon as they leave the market before they get home.
” Unnecessary travels in and out of Ekiti State is hereby discouraged at this time. While we cannot totally shut down the state, we must minimize unnecessary traffic especially from out-of-state, so we can protect our citizens from further importation of the virus and also protect the rest of the country by minimizing the exportation of any virus which may be present in Ekiti State.
However, despite the consequential effect of violating this orders, some residents of the state turned deaf ear as they continued with their normal life style
In Ado Ekiti, more than ten different social gatherings consisting of large crowd were observed while the situation was not different in some local governments outside the state capital.
Some religious houses were not left out as they held vigils and wedding ceremonies .
Commercial vehicles still continued with their usual style of cramping passengers while commercial motorcyclists still convey two passengers at a time as against the directive.
In one of the social gatherings, guests failed to even maintain social distance as they danced closely in heavy sweat with the celebrants.
In a chat with some of the organizers, they said they were aware of the directives only that the programme had been fixed earlier and could not be shifted 24hrs to the event.
One of them claimed that her guests from Lagos had already arrived Ado Ekiti on Friday before the broadcast of the governor where the order was given.
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