5 Ways To Avoid Getting Financially Wrecked By Family Just Because You’re First Born (A MUST READ)

If you’re a firstborn from poor family background and you have managed to start making money enough to conveniently sort bills, this is for you.

Sometimes, it always hard to overlook family members’ financial problems most especially when you think you’re the only one who can help.
But think about it like this, if you make yourself available to solve all family financial issues you might never have the financial resources to invest in your own self.

Let Me Tell You A Story

I have a friend who is the first in the family of 4. His parents are not financially okay but they managed and struggled to sponsor his education to the higher institution.
Tolu got a job in a company and he is earning 80k as salary every month. After getting the job, his parents felt it is now his responsibility to sponsor his siblings through school.
As if that was not enough, his mother and his father compete with themselves in giving Tolu billing every month by presenting to him one problem or the other.
My friend almost considered suicide when the whole wahala was too much on him.
I know this is the problem for many firstborns out there and most times this is an issue you must learn to cope with in a way that won’t affect your own personal life.

You need to understand some certain things:-

1. Anyone Who Is Not Your Father Or Mother Is Not Important

As a first born, the truth is, taking care of your parent should be your priority, anyone who is not mother or father to you is not your responsibility.
Your parent will always appreciate what you give them no matter how little as long as you’re turning up for them.
Even your siblings are not as important as your parent, so no matter how broke you are, never forsake your parent.

2. Instead Of Random Giving, Support Their Business

Talking about taking care of your parent, offer them money to support their business because if their business is doing well, they won’t disturb you too much.
This applies to other family members you might want to help, if you must help let it be based on business development.
You’re not the federal government that will be doing operation feeding the nation by sending money for food all the time.

3. Don’t Lend Any Family Member Money You Can’t Afford To Loose

Whether you like it or not, your families are your family you can’t kill them nor arrest them if they borrow money from you and decide not to pay back.
The best you can do is to forget the money and avoid such happening again.
Most times, family members will not come to you to give them big amount of money, they will rather ask you to borrow them.
Don’t make the mistake of borrowing them money you can’t afford to loose. This is a trick that works.
If they come to you to borrow them 50k, if it’s 10k you can loose, just give them, you have tried. This applies to your siblings too.

4. Understand That He Is Stingy Is Better Than He Is Broke

In case you don’t know, people won’t hesitate to abuse you after wrecking you.
It’s your family members that you’re always trying to solve their financial problems that will first make this statement;
“we don’t kuku know what he is using money for, since all these years that he has been working, he has not built house, what a shame”.
You need to give yourself brain, it’s okay to be stingy but it is never okay to be broke.

5. Whether You Give Or Not, Las Las Everybody Go Dey Alright

The truth is, you do not hold the key to anyone’s life, whether you give or not, they won’t die, las las everybody go dey alright.
Don’t kill yourself because you want to solve anyone’s financial problem, there are many things you need money for in your life too.
Ask yourself, have you died after being turned down by people you have gone to just to beg for money? Of course No!!
People are fond of bringing their problems to other people forgetting that everybody has their own problems too.
The trick is, if someone comes to you with 2 problems just to beg you for money, attack the person with 4 of your personal problems too. End of story!!

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