LET’S TALK!!! Can You Date or Marry Your Best Friend EX? (Man/Woman)


Let’s discuss…

Let me briefly tell you guys a real life story that happened somewhere in Rivers State 2yrs ago. I witnessed it.
Scenario – Man A, is a very gentle and cool guy, while Man B is a gangster type rough guy. Both are good friends from the same tribe and live in same area in Port-Harcourt.
Man B(the gangster) has a very beautiful girlfriend who is very gentle and caring. But Man B always maltreat her and being a player, he dumped her as he usually does to his other girlfriends.
Man A (Man B best friend) did not waste time, he moves in and asks the girl out and within months he proposes. And they got married.
Funny enough, Man B was cool with it. People were expecting him to react but he never did. In fact he attended the wedding ceremony.
Now the question is, can you do what Man A did? Dating and marrying his best friend Man B ex-girlfriend? Which balls down to the question below 👇

Can You Date or Marry Your Best Friend EX? Is It Not Disrespectful & A Sign Of Betrayal?

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